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    To prevent the damage of cargo from the environmental influences, such as rain, sunlight and ultraviolet radiation, it is wrapped by a heat-shrink film before the transportation begins. Heat-shrink film also serves its mission after delivery, due to the fact that once the cargo is removed from the platform or trailer and in wait for utilization, it might remain in the open air for extended periods of time.

    Prompt packing of the shipment hides cargo from the prying eyes and allows to immediately notice any attempt of an unauthorized access to the products.

    Benefits of cargo wrapping in a heat-shrink film:

    • The objects to be packed could be of any size or shape
    • Leakproofness and airtightness
    • Sufficiently high mechanical strength and physical integrity of material
    • The possibility of device ventilation, through windows and doors closed by a zipper.
    • Intrusion control: Damaged packages could only be restored with the use of special equipment
    • When using fire-resistant film, film will not burn, will only melt.