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    • Mr. Ershov’s article in the December issue of "Delovaya Rossia” (Business Russia)
      Mr. Ershov’s article in the December issue of "Delovaya Rossia” (Business Russia)

      "..we organize all types of transport deliveries: by road, rail, sea, river and through the air. Therefore, it’s hard to highlight just one mode of transport out of this broad spectrum. To us, they are all important. In other words, SV-TRANSEKSPO is equally capable to provide high quality and timely services while transporting any type of cargo from point A to point B, regardless of whether the delivery occurs by sea, by land or through the air. We work with a variety of orders related to construction, manufacturing, and agribusiness ... It’s worth mentioning that a large portion of our orders has a grand and strategically important value to our country.

      We were one of the companies that supplied heavy equipment to the APEC forum that took place two years ago in Vladivostok and to the Olympic Games in Sochi. SV-TRANSEKSPO was involved in delivery of materials for the highest tower in Europe, the “Federation” tower, which is located in the Moscow International Business Center, as well as, elevators for the “Moscow” and the “Ukraine” hotels ... Also, we supply essential equipment for oil refineries located in various regions of the country.

      In terms of geography, our transport and logistics activities within Russian Federation are limitless, from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok and from Murmansk to Sochi. SV-TRANSEKSPO is a global company; we transport cargo to Asia, Latin & North America, Australia and nearly 50 countries in Europe. Therefore, it’s not a surprise that at the center of our company’s logo - is the globe. " www.russia-business.ru

      Full version of the article in Russian in PDF format (9.2 MB)

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